No, NOM!

A heartbreaking outcome of the 2010 elections: three of Iowa’s Supreme Court Justices were voted out of office (what? I didn’t even know that was possible) thanks largely in part to the vigorous fiscal efforts of anti-gay, pro-bigot group NOM: (via gawker)

The groups spent more than $700,000 to convince voters to kick the judges out, funding a statewide “Judge Bus” tour, radio ads, TV ads, text messages and polling. Even Citizens United chipped in $18,000 at almost the last minute.

Andrew Sullivan adds,

This has never happened before in Iowa’s history of allowing such votes since 1962. NOM is also trying to remove marriage rights from gay couples in New Hampshire – and they may have secured a veto-proof majority to rip gay couples legally apart.

Okay. I get where the whole “I don’t think gays should get married” fucked-up string of logic comes from, but to hate gays so much as to punish their allies (via unemployment!) is just straight-up proof that those who support NOM and its causes act out of a supreme hatred for LGBT folk, not a supreme concern. The fact that the private funding of individual citizens caused the removal of these three judges is absurd.

Why do we let those who demonstrate no logical aptitude determine the fate of those who do? Why?