What’s Next for The Prince

Álvaro Uribe

Whether or not Alvaro Uribe would make Machiavelli proud depends on Machiavelli’s true intention when writing the The Prince. What is important, however, is that Uribe is not done speaking and acting, he’s teaching in Georgetown.

Colombian ex-pres. is still dodging accusations of Human Rights violations during his presidency.

What makes him a leader in world leadership? Pointing Human Rights fingers at him from the comfort of your own alma mater is easy. World leadership has something to do with walking a fine line between right and wrong.

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Horizontal Academics

How on earth can Duke attract so much sexual derangement? This is hugely entertaining and it does not come with a side of guilt, because it is hard to feel sorry for any of those involved.

Karen F. Owen got her fuck on AND found time to actually conduct a thorough sexual study. Sure, she places lots of emphasis on the length and girth of the subjects’ penises, but this is relative to the general capacity and pleasure threshold of her vagina, so you can’t blame her, she takes big dick.

This is an accidental performance, a cyber happening, the next big thing since Joaquin Phoenix punked film critics.

People of Durham, Duke students, stop drinking the water. It is making Blue Horn-Devils out of you.