Terry Gilliam to Not Ever Direct Harry Potter Film

I saw “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” last night, after taking a…three? four? year hiatus from bothering to keep up with the series in either book or film form.

One reason I haven’t bothered to become fluent in the Potter enterprise is because of the films. The books are okay, yeah, I find them difficult to appreciate since they’re so predictably archetypal, but they’re entertaining enough and it’s great the kids are reading. The films however, or at least the first three I saw, were boring. Just boring. I realize the HP franchise switched up directors a few times (Chris Colombus did the first three – his previous directing “achievements” include the awful “Stepmom”, and Alfonso Cuaron directed the 4th, which evidently is the best of the lot according to the internet in general), but David Yates’ rendition of the 7th HP installment was, pretty cool.

Still kind of boring (Harry and co. spent like four fucking months wandering around in the wilderness, complaining about not getting anything accomplished), but pretty cool. While I was reading reviews online, I stumbled upon a little nugget of information that made me hate myself:

Terry Gilliam was J.K. Rowling’s original pick to direct the entire series, and Gilliam wanted to do them too.

we could have had more of this! ("Brazil," 1985)


I have long adored Gilliam’s work, from the never unfashionable Monty Python to the blockbuster sci-fi landscape of  “12 Monkeys.”  The guy is experienced, artistic, darkly humorous, British, basically a wizard already. He’s genuinely smart, and a good writer.  Basically the perfect candidate for the HP series.

Is it too late to order a reboot of the series?


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