The Twitter Account that Radicalizes Music Journalism

is Discographies.

The mysterious man/woman/shemale behind the ever-clever twitter account tweets the “definitive guide to an artist’s body of work (studio albums only) in 140 characters or less.”

Some of my favorites:

  • Kings Of Leon: 1-2 “fierce energy” = loud and dull; 3-5 “greater artistic maturity” = each generation gets the Goo Goo Dolls it deserves.
  • Interpol: 1 Find an old photo of Joy Division. 2 Xerox the photo. 3 Draw the Xerox. 4 Stare at the drawing: you’ll never get Closer.
  • Weezer: 1 “Remember that nerdy guy from high school?” 2 “The one who couldn’t talk to girls?” 3-7 “Why are you still hanging out with him?”






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