Diesease Profile: Hypertensive Vascular Disease

Hypertension is nothing else than elevated blood pressure, a common health problem that often remains asymptomatic until late in its course, when it demonstrates its devastating consequences. Coronary artery disease and cerebrovascular accidents, cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure, aortic dissection and even renal failure can be attributed to hypertension. So what causes hypertension, who carries it,and how does one prevent it?

Like everything else there are genetic and environmental factors that determine hypertension. According to Robbins and Cotran’s Pathologic Basis of Disease. 7th ed., “screening programs reveal that 25% of persons in the general population are hypertensive. So hypertension is like an insect that plants its eggs in the bud of a plant so that the offspring can eat its way out, eventually killing the flower. Maybe a stretch.

Are you concerned about hypertension? Visit your doctor. Are you uninsured? Give him your money. Don’t have any money? Eat a low sodium diet, and blame your parents for faulty genes. The upside of this disease is that it usually takes you when you are about ready to go anyway.

Save your Heart! Don’t eat salt!


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