Food Revolution

Is there any room for fast food innovation? In the last decade fast food has been stigmatized for being cheap, weird and bad for you. Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me brought attention to the perils of a diet consisting only of McDonald’s. So is there any real room for innovation that does not consist of better ingredients, slow food?

KFC’s Double Down shows that when there is a will there is a way (in Canada).  The Star reports:

Fuelled by months of hype — including speculation that it wouldn’t even be allowed into the country — the Double Down has become KFC Canada’s best-selling new menu item ever. By Sunday — less than two weeks after the product launched — the company said it will have sold more than 350,000 across the country.

In the U.S. KFC is still trying to make a splash. In an effort to reach their target demographic, KFC took to Facebook to find young women willing to wear pants with the Double Down imprinted on their own ‘meaty buns.’

Now that the sandwich has lost its shackles to the bread, the world awaits food revolution. Michael Showalter discovered Dunkin Donuts newest innovation: Sausage Pancake Bites.

Thank you, I will have 3 orders of 3. But why stop here/there? Why not drop the pancake sausage balls into a blender with a pint of coffee, a splash of whole milk and a cigarette. I’ll take it all in a big cup with a straw to go because I am in a very big hurry! (I’ve got an important “pitch meeting” to attend.) And if, when I time myself slurping, my slurp-time exceeds 29.9 seconds, I will kindly request a full refund.

This will probably work in Canada.


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