Alvaro Uribe Vélez, persona non grata.

More trouble for Colombian ex-president Uribe. The trouble comes in the form of an award and consequential protests over the award.

He has been awarded the “La puerta del recuerdo” award, one of two international awards given by the Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU. More than 100 organizations signed a manifesto against this award and for Uribe to be tried in an international court for war crimes.

In Colombia, he’s still a hero to some.

El Tiempo reports:

Además piden que Uribe “responda ante la Corte Penal Internacional u otros tribunales o audiencias por todos los crímenes que ha cometido o consentido”, y alegan “los probados vínculos de Uribe Vélez con bandas de paramilitares y de narcotraficantes” y “la realización de numerosas estrategias y campañas de guerra sucia contra organizaciones sociales”, entre otras cosas.

They also ask that Uribe “respond to the International Penal Court and other tribunals or audiences for all the crimes that he has committed and allowed,” and allege “the proven ties that Uribe Vélez has with paramilitary and drug trafficking groups” and “the realization of numerous strategies and dirty war campaigns against social organizations,” among other things.

(original translation)


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