Michael C. Eliminated from Project Runway

The queen Michael Kors, superbitch Nina Garcia, and back-handed slut Heidi Klum eliminated the Project Runway contestant everyone already knew was not making it to fashion week.

Last week, the owners of this blog watched Michael C. rejoice over his making it to the top 4. While one less-fanatic-about-PR blogger thought Micheal C’s dress was pretty, the other obsessed-with-PR blogger was stunned at Michael C’s inclusion in the top 4 because his design is consistently boring.

In present fashion, whoreiness will trump class because whores are interesting to look at. Classy ladies – who cares.

So why did Micheal C make it so far when none of his outfits were slutty enough to compete with this?

Because the evil judges, Kors, Garcia, and Klum wanted this television gold.




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