Frago 242

…is the order issued by the US military to not investigate torture practices of the military during the Iraq War.

The 400,00 pages of the Wikileaks-released documents show that, strangely, the perpetrators of torture are not US soldiers themselves, but police and Iraqi soldiers allied with the US military.

Did we encourage a civil war in Iraq? Yes we did. And what usually happens after a civil war victor is announced? Nothing good, unless you consider the stained veil thrown over the hideous monster of wartime a long-term improvement.

When we employ secrecy to fight a war against a concept, can one really expect anything publicly practical to result? Of course not. But this was the goal of the war, to make the public order of Iraq more practical – democratic – and while it is overwhelmingly clear the ends have not justified the means, I would add the means barely resemble a logical precursor to achieving the end.



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