Apple has a Secret, Tune in

Apple announced that they will have an announcement today. Glenn Beck didn’t invent anticipation. FACT: Steve Jobs enjoys the innovation of Apple only because he gets to give presentations, he thrives on center-nerd-stage.

Apple invite with lion behind logoApple’s logo for the event.

People are speculating.

The Washington Post reports:

Today’s rumors at least benefit from somewhat concrete sourcing–sightings of new tech-support categories on Apple’s own site. Assummarized by MacRumors, they include new categories for iPhoto 2011, iMovie 2011, GarageBand 2011, “MBA (Need Official Name)” and, vaguest of all, “Reserved 10 20.”

Mashable predicts:

Over the past several days, Mashable has run an open thread asking for opinions on what will be announced today. Answers ranged from the mostly wishful to the completely possible.

Here are a few of your best Mac-centric predictions:

  • Blu-ray for OS X
  • iWork ‘11
  • FaceChat OS X integration
  • App Store for OS X

Of all the speculations, the most intriguing is something known as ‘Reserved 10 20.’ What could it be? The Atlantic reports:


That’s the name of the final section added to Apple’s Discussions page. Could it be a placeholder for the new operating system or does Apple have another new product or service that it plans to announce today? During Apple’s earnings call the other day, Jobs said that “We still have a few surprises remaining for the rest of the 2010 calendar year.” Ball’s in your court, Steve.

More information: CNN, TheGuardian



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