What’s Next for The Prince

Álvaro Uribe

Whether or not Alvaro Uribe would make Machiavelli proud depends on Machiavelli’s true intention when writing the The Prince. What is important, however, is that Uribe is not done speaking and acting, he’s teaching in Georgetown.

Colombian ex-pres. is still dodging accusations of Human Rights violations during his presidency.

What makes him a leader in world leadership? Pointing Human Rights fingers at him from the comfort of your own alma mater is easy. World leadership has something to do with walking a fine line between right and wrong.

Uribe, however, is bored teaching world leadership, and now he wants to practice the domestic side. He is running for Mayor of Bogota. The Colombian political narrative has to deal with an influential character not taking his demotion from protagonist lightly. Uribe is around, so are Uribistas, and Santos is not sticking to the plan.

Newsweek reports:

Most surprisingly, he introduced one law—which Uribe has criticized—offering identical compensation for victims of guerilla as well as state crimes and another to return land to displaced farmers that could anger wealthy rural elites crucial to Uribe’s base.

More on Uribe at Georgetown


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