Less Qualified than a 3rd Grader

I have tired of the comic war on Christine O’Donnell; however her constant media presence has afforded several observations:

1. What generates a potential politician’s interest in politics if not the politics themselves? Shouldn’t, you know, the First Amendment be one of those indispensable maxims of a politician’s vocabulary? Like the theologian’s primary maxim is the First Commandment? Someone ask her if she knows that.

2. Why is so much time spent ridiculing this woman? She is obviously unqualified and at this point probably stands no chance in even making a dent in Delaware’s Senatorial election. Delaware. I’ve never even met anyone from Delaware.

This is your sense of humor, America. Tempt unqualified candidates with promises of power and respect, then ridicule them for not understanding the system they’ve been thrown into. Christine O’Donnell might as well just be the next Britney Spears.


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